Catsan Natural Clumping Cat Litter 20 Litre Bag

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About this item

  • CATSAN Natural clumping litter is made with natural cat litter ingredients. Our 100% biodegradable cat litter is also 100% compostable.
  • CATSAN Natural clumping cat litter forms solid clumps that are easy to remove. With daily removal of cat litter clumps the litter box stays clean and hygienic for your cat.
  • CATSAN Natural clumping odour control cat litter absorbs before odour develops. The litter stays dry and comfortable for your cat.
  • Cat litter clumps can be flushed individually. But to save water, it’s recommended to dispose your biodegradable cat litter through communal bio waste container where permitted.
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Fill with 6cm of cat litter to allow your cat to dig and avoid clumps sticking to the bottom. Remove the clumps and add fresh hygienic cat litter daily.
  • Catsan Natural Clumping Litter is a good choice for you, your feline friend, and the planet, eco-friendly granules immediately form small firm clumps when coming into contact with liquid
  • Each granule of Catsan Natural Cat Litter ensures reliable and long lasting odour control, absorbing liquids and locking away moisture before odours can develop
  • Catsan Natural Cat Litter has very low dust when poured out of the bag and has a pleasant, natural scent without the addition of fragrances that might upset your cat
  • Cleanup is easy and simple with Catsan Natural Cat Litter, to ensure that your feline friend stays clean and healthy, remove the solid faeces daily for continued odour control and a clean environment
  • Items delivered: Catsan Natural Clumping Cat Litter for adult cats and kittens 20L


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