Unleash 10m Training Lead for Dogs

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About this item

  • ⭐️ GUARANTEED RESULTS: Follow our expertly crafted training guide, available after purchase, and witness significant improvements in your dog’s behaviour and recall. We’re not just promising results – we guarantee them.
  • 🔓 NEW LOCKABLE CLASP: Our upgraded, innovative lockable clasp ensures your dog stays securely by your side, offering peace of mind and unmatched safety during every walk and training session. Trust in Unleash for a stronger, safer bond.
  • 🐕‍🦺 IDEAL FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES: With precision-reinforced stitching and a clasp tested to withstand forces up to 289kg, you can trust in a leash that’s as resilient as it is reliable. Our Unleash lead is engineered for all, from the smallest pup to the mightiest hound.
  • 💦 WATERPROOF AND BUILT TO LAST: Designed for durability and ease of maintenance, it resists water and wear, ensuring a training lead that stays strong and looks new, through rain, mud, or a swim in the lake.
  • 👑 PREMIUM QUALITY, UNMATCHED VALUE: Crafted to the same rigorous standards as BioThane but at half the cost. Its supple, comfortable feel ensures ease of use during every walk and training session, making it the smart choice for savvy pet owners.
  • 📏 Length 10m, Width 1.5cm, Thickness 0.2cm, Weight 380g


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